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Kidd Commander is a shonen style adventure comic about a bunch of silly people on a trip to catch the sun, whatever that means. We’re mostly concerned with having a good time and tend to lean towards the romantic side of things!

Rated T for lots of (cartoon) violence and swearing, and a good deal of irreverence for topics some folks might prefer to leave revered. If any of that sounds like it might make you uncomfortable this comic may not be suitable for you!

Right now the comic updates three times a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What age group is this comic aimed towards?
    If you find the story engaging then it’s directed towards you, however old you happen to be.

  • I’m confused!
    Keep reading! A kind reader has also recently set up a Kidd Commander wiki, which I think is really cool! It’s entirely fan-made and everyone’s still trying to get set up over there right now, but once it gets going it may be helpful for getting a handle on things. There’s a TVTropes page, and you can also ask me anything you like in the comment section, but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to tell you anything besides “We’ll get to it.”There aren’t quite enough of us for a forum, but KC currently has a Discord that usually has a bunch of folks hanging out at any given time who would more than likely be happy to discuss comic stuff (or whatever else is going on that day).

  • This comic is really long. Do I need to start reading from the beginning or can I jump in anywhere?
    The comic is most definitely meant to be read from start to finish, straight through. Each arc is its own self contained installment but you need the context of each of them in order to really understand what’s going on, just like any other longform story. If an event wasn’t important I wouldn’t have put it in! 
  • Phineas is a boy’s name.
    It’s going to be alright friend, do not worry.

  • I made fan art! What do I do with it?
    Thanks! If you made something KC related and want me to see it, you can tweet it at me (@shinesurge), send it to my tumblr (shinesurge.tumblr.com), or email it to me at “kiddcommander@gmail.com”. I really love seeing fanwork, please don’t be shy!

  • You’re obnoxious but I want to keep up with your comic. Are there alternatives to your personal social media I can follow?
    Absolutely! While my personal accounts update pretty constantly with information about the comic, the Kidd Commander twitter and tumblr accounts update only when the comic does or with important news directly related to the comic. Comic Chameleon, Comic Rocket, Piperka, Archive Binge, and Belfry Webcomics  are also places that let you know when an update happens.

  • The comic is late???
    I’ll always try to let you guys know about planned delays in advance! There are a number of methods you can use to keep up with the comic above, but my personal twitter is always the very first place I post my updates to and where I most frequently post about why a page might be running behind.

  • I wanna help support the comic but I’m unable to do so financially. What else can I do?
    If you’re enjoying the comic it’s always always helpful to let other people know about it! My internet presence is very tiny right now and any little bit of exposure helps a lot. You can also vote for the comic once a day on TopWebcomics, which brings in a considerable amount of traffic or, if you’re really feeling generous, I have some banners on the extras page you can put on your own comic site. 

    It’s also very encouraging to hear from readers who get something out of my work, so even just leaving a comment or two is appreciated!

If you want to ask things that aren’t listed here, you can send me stuff on my ask.fm account or any of the other contact methods I have listed on  the author page.