EVEN MORE EDIT 8/17: heyyy, things have, in fact, not calmed down at all this week, and I’ll be spending all day tomorrow (today, Friday) sitting in the hospital with my partner while his dad has some pretty intense surgery. This sucks! I’m sorry, and I’m even sorrier that I’ll still have to take a tiny bit of time off from updating in two more posts right after this shitty week, but I suppose rough spots like this are a good reminder why a buffer is important huh?

For now, the ink for page 15 is up for Patrons, since they’re paying CashMoney for this comic and I hate to make them wait so long. The colors will get done and the page posted as soon as I get home from the hospital sometime tomorrow; as always, you can keep up with stuff on my twitter probably. One more thing: please please don’t pledge long enough to read the update then immediately cancel it. This has happened every time I’ve posted an early page. It’s cool you’re itching to see what happens next but that’s a dick move, and also I get emailed whenever I get a new patron and I get REALLY excited. It’s super disappointing to find out someone just took stuff and bailed, don’t make me sad dude.

Thank you! See you soon.


EDIT 8/13: Hi! A combination of events has occurred that’s gonna push tomorrow’s update to tomorrow evening instead of the usual 11:30 the night before. Sorry! I’ll have it done as soon as I can. I suppose I can take this opportunity to let you guys know there are only two pages left in this chapter, then I’m skipping a week to finalize some stuff and rebuild my buffer again. Thank you for your patience!