EDIT 11/6: Page should be up this afternoon!! I took a couple days to rest my hands, thank you for being patient <3


or something


HOO I really dropped the ball with updates this last week, my hands have been real bad and I think it’s because of a combination of me drinking a ton on Sunday and then rushing all week to try and get Literally Anything done. Sorry I’ve been makin y’all wait. There are four pages left in this chapter so I’m gonna just post them as fast as I can get them done instead of worrying about a schedule since I’m so far behind already. This chapter’s break is going to be two weeks, a little longer than the last couple just because there are a bunch of things I need to take care of in addition to getting a buffer done and, at some point, actually resting. I’ll still be around a lot though! I’ll post it again on the last page, but I’m pretty much perpetually present and talking about comic stuff in the Kidd Commander Discord server, along with a nice little crew of other readers, so if you’d like to hang out between pages feel free to come by!