Yikesssss the schedule got a bit rough for a while there haha. I’ve been working really hard to make Decodenn seem like an interesting place, so I hope that’s coming through in exchange for all the late updates. I hope you guys like what I have planned though! I’ve been waiting a LONG TIME to get here and I’m so excited I can’t stand it laksjdf. Barring unforeseen circumstances, KC will resume updating on Wednesday, December 20th! I know that’s a long time, I’m sorry!! Decodenn has been a beast and the next chapter is only going to get worse, I’m trying hard to be responsible. If anything changes, I’ll post about it here or on any of the social media stuff I’m about to bombard you with as soon as I make the decision.


At the end of the chapters I usually list social media and ways to keep up with the comic (and me) during breaks and it’s been about the same every time for the last few years, but some stuff changed recently! Mostly I haven’t been posting on twitter much at all. I haven’t abandoned it or anything but it’s definitely not my most active site anymore; currently, if you want to get my regular twitter activity you can find me on Mastodon. If Mastodon is too weird for you, the best way to keep up with KC right now is the Discord! I post sketches, update reminders, work in progress, and the occasional picarto stream link in there, and there’s always a few folks hanging around willing to chat about comics or Hearthstone or whatever everyone’s feeling that day. Come say hi!


Aside from that, here is your usual set of links:

Comic Chameleon – free mobile app that has alert systems in place to let you know something has updated
Comic Rocket – Sort of a bookmarking site that lets you know when a comic has updated, and saves your place!
Piperka – wow, it also lets you know a comic has updated So Many Options the future is amazing
KC twitter!
KC tumblr!
There’s also an RSS feed at the bottom of the page! I’m not gonna say much else about it because, almost four years in, I still don’t know how an RSS feed works. But if you do, there it is, wrow


I dunno if it’s weird to link my Patreon on the tail end of so many single-page weeks in a row, and right before going on a two week break, but I really need to get in the habit of promoting it every now and then so here it is. Y’all are literally keeping the site up and running, in addition to things like KC’s post office box payments and merchandise and advertising and all that good stuff, so if you’re into the comic please consider throwing a dollar in there! Every little bit really helps. There’s also a paypal donate link over there on your left if monthly payments aren’t your thing.

If you’re short on cash but still want to help, Topwebcomics has changed their system so it’s much harder for us to climb too high in the ranks, but if you’re inclined it’s still a big help to vote whenever you think of it. Or tell a friend about the comic!! Draw a fanart! Write that filthy Ulrich fic you’ve been putting off! Word of mouth is how little comics like mine survive, any sort of support you decide is appropriate is appreciated (and if you decide to make something, PLEASE send it to me <3).


Thank you so much for reading, as always! love you see you soon