During the break I fiiiinally got some KC holiday cards sent out, which some of you might know is a thing I’ve been trying to do pretty much since the comic launched (four years ago this Saturday, yeesh).



KC’s universe doesn’t have Christmas, but they DO celebrate Respite, which is a period where everyone celebrates having stayed the hell alive to see the end of another calendar year. You party hard for the first several days, then on the last day you eat a lot and rest up for the new year. Festive!

Since I had enough materials to have some left after taking care of Patrons, I made a listing for these little postcards in the shop, if that’s something you’re interested in! I’d very much like to do this once or twice a year at least, but once 2017 is over I won’t make any more with this design so make sure you snag one soon it if you want it.


I’m very excited to be updating again!! I miss it so much when I take these breaks. I hope you like what’s coming <3