hey cool the robot’s back


HOKAY first of all, sorry this took so long to get to you. Things were kinda weird with my schedule last week, everything’s fine it just got a lil busy. But a couple good things came out of it! I’ll definitely make more announcements about this as it gets closer, but I’ll be running a table and a webcomic Q&A panel at JABEcon in Mount Juliet, Tennessee in September! I’m starting work on a 24-page print exclusive (!!) minicomic to sell while I’m there, which is a new and scary thing I’ve never attempted before but man wouldn’t a lil kc book you could actually hold in your hands be neat? I think so.

The other cool thing is I finally got a Kidd Commander tattoo, which I’ve been wanting for a couple years now hee. It’s nothing special but it sure means a lot to me.

Thank you for reading! <3 let’s see if we can’t get a couple more pages done this week.