That’s it for Kidd Commander’s first arc! Dang! We went a long way! I’m gonna make a new post with some art and a big ol masterpost with dates and stuff regarding the break before the next arc starts, so please check back later this week for one more update. For now: I’m heading out of town until Thursday, so the shop is closed again, but I’ll definitely be checking comments and email and on twitter and all! I’m always around. Also, I got a request to open up comments on the Extras page so I did that. It’s not quite a forum, but the space is there if you want it.

I’m, like, so fuckin stoked you guys I can’t even begin to ramble about it. But it’s late and I gotta get up tomorrow and I’m probably gonna get all weepy on twitter or some shit over the next couple days anyway so I’m gonna get some sleep. Thank you so so much for reading. love u