EDIT 7/4: Hey! I decided not to take the extra week off, but I AM gonna push the return date back juuust a little bit. KC will resume regular updates on Wednesday the 12th instead of Monday the 10th. Thank you for your patience! <3


I got a big huge news post to leave here while we’re on break, here we go.

As much as I’m DYIN to get into the next arc, I haven’t taken off much more than a week at once since starting this comic three years ago on its shitty little tumblr blog. There’s a lot of housekeeping I need to do! I’m gonna spend the next month fixing up some website stuff, building up a buffer again, aaaand if not getting the first two volumes of PDF’s finished and in the shop, making a good dent in them.  July 10th is what I’m aiming for, but I really want to get back on a solid update schedule so I may end up adding another week if I feel like it’s necessary. It’ll work better for everybody in the long run! Here is a list of ways you can keep up with what’s happening with the comic, barring checking back here every day.

My twitter– My personal account where I dump pretty much everything, which ends up being comic related a lot of the time.
The Kidd Commander twitter– only updates when the comic does, or with important comic news.
Kidd Commander’s tumblr– KC news and updates on tumblr instead of twitter

RSS Feed- it’s at the bottom of the page I guess? If this is your preferred method you probably know more about it than I do
Comic Rocket– Pings you when the comic updates if you subscribe, lets you bookmark your place!
Belfry Comics
Comic Chameleon– Mobile app that updates when the comic does, has a system in place that lets you know when there’s new stuff!

Shop news: it’s open again with no plans to close up again soon, but the new stuff still hasn’t come in and I’m real frustrated! I’ll post about it here at the next update (IF IT’S HERE BY THEN), but it’ll be up in the shop as soon as I get it. I’ll probably post about it on Social Media, so if it’s real important to you I’d recommend following at least one of those. I’ve also taken down all the teepublic designs, I hope you got the one you wanted! We’ll do shirts again someday and they’ll look a lot better and be more reasonably priced, hopefully.


Sooo since we don’t have a forum or anything and my plans for guest comics fell through things are gonna be quiet around here for a while it looks like. If you’re jonesing for KC content I’m gonna try and stream stuff when I can, I’ll probably link them on my own twitter! I work at all kinds of weird hours, so probably one or two at least will end up working for your timezone. Otherwise there’s a KC Wiki and a TVTropes page that could always use more content, an Extras page that’s going to get totally redone in the next week, the Music page with some character playlists you might not have dug through yet (and a bunch of fan playlists in the comments section!), and an ASK.FM archive you can read or send new questions to. Maybe draw your own fanart! Write some fic! Get a friend caught up on the archive so you can get hype about the next arc together! It’s a teeny tiny fandom and those can get lonesome, let’s make it cozy.

(if you make something KC related PLEASE tweet it at me or use any of the methods on the Author page. I wanna see it!!)


I think that’s about it for news. It’s been a while since I plugged it and I reeeally need to get back on top of it, so: if you’re enjoying the comic and can swing it, please consider tossing a dollar a month at my Patreon account. I’ve been extremely fortunate that my partner’s help is enough to let me spend so much time on KC, but if we want this to be sustainable in the event that literally anything about my current situation changes I really need to make more than the ~dollar an hour I’m currently getting for working on this comic haha. Literally anything helps, it adds up fast! Patreon has made an ENORMOUS impact on my ability to bring you Kidd Commander; it’s replaced several expensive pieces of broken equipment and is entirely responsible for covering website and merchandise costs, and what little advertising I’m able to do. Speaking of which, please do tell a friend! A good recommendation goes way farther than any paid ads I could afford. I’m gonna keep working hard on my comics and KC will always be available for free, but I need your help to keep it healthy!


I’m REALLY excited about what’s coming next!! Thank you for your support, I’ll see you soon!